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3D Pink Flower

Four Day Course

One of the prerequisites of learning is attending a free introductory talk to Vedic Meditation

Day 1 : Ceremony

The first day  you will bring stem flowers and 2 to 3 whole sweet fruits and witness a short lovely ceremony of gratitude to the masters of this wisdom and receive your personalized mantra.

Day 2: Meditation & The Mind

On the second day we will go over the process of the mind having thoughts and the mechanics of this. We will also cover practice details for your at home program.

Day 3: Meditation & The Physiology

Understand the physiology of stress and bliss chemicals produced by mediation and how your practice removes stress from the body.

Day 4: Meditation and Different States of Consciousness

Evaluate progress in your practice, talk about the different states of consciousness and taking full advantage of all your new knowledge and practice.

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